Christmas Decorating

Christmas decorating has begun…

Christmas tree 2014

Jumping Monkey Quilt

I come from a very creative and talented family and I married into a family that is full of creativity.  My mother -in – law quilts and her quilts are absolutely gorgeous.  I have three her beautiful creations and she has inspired me to try my hand at quilting as well.  This summer I made my first quilt which was a beautiful failure.  I learned lots of lessons and I tried again with success.

Jumping Monkey Quilt

Jumping Monkey Quilt

I’m calling this “Jumping Monkeys”.  I’m sending this to my dear cousin who is expecting in a few weeks.  I’m so happy for her, and this new exciting adventure into motherhood.  I pray that they enjoy this quilt and it gets many years of use.

What do you think?

Keep Smiling, Choose Happy


IMG_7565.1Last night I noticed my little guy had a little red dot in his eye.  It didn’t seem to bother him, so I made a mental note to keep an eye on it.

This morning at 4am he woke to a loud thunderstorm, his eyes were a little red but I assumed that it was due to the lack of sleep and since he was in such a good mood I took my him to school.  Twenty minutes after dropping him off I got a call from school to pick him back up.  The school nurse told me that another student had pink eye last week and they think that it may have spread.  So I picked him up and took a trip to his doctor who confirmed Freddie’s first case of pink eye.  Got a script for eye drops and rest.  Thankfully my little guy is handling it like a champ.  Still smiles and giggles.


Little bit of redness in the corner of his eye but still a happy guy.



First Day of Pre-K

First day of school…

1st day of Pre-K

1st day of Pre-K

Such a cutie pie!

Excited for another school year!  Freddie has a new teacher, new classroom, some new classmates and a longer day.  Praying for lots of progress and many new skills this school year!

A Beautiful Mist

“… What is your life?  You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.”

– James 4:14

My Sister

Today would have been my sister’s 47th birthday.  It is hard to believe that she’s been gone for so long.  I miss her and at the same time I am so thankful to God that I had such a wonderful sister for the short time that she was here.  She was a giver, giver of herself to others.  She was absolutely beautiful!  She had this personality that I can’t describe folks were just attracted to her.  Everyone wanted to be her friend.  She should have been full of confidence and high-esteem but she wasn’t.  Lately I’ve been lost in thought about her, her life, and our lives together growing up.  I am so thankful, blessed, and honored that God choose me to be her sister.  She is deeply missed in my heart.

Time is precious hold on to your family.  God placed you there for a reason.

Burp Cloths

Babies are so precious. The smells, the giggles, cooing and the cries all so precious.

So soft

I know a few new moms and moms-to-be and I am overjoyed with the many blessings coming their way with a little one in the house.  I’ve been wanting to do something special and unique for them so I went to my local fabric store and purchased a pretty flannel fat quarters pack, fired up the sewing machine and made Burp Cloths.

There are several tutorials online.  I used a simple technique of cutting the fat quarter in half matching two different patterns, sew them together and them sew around them using the decorative stitches on my machine.

Viola!  Six pretty burp cloths that were given to my cousin who is having a beautiful baby girl.  I think that I like the scrolly stitch on the 5th burp cloth the best.  I’ve got a few more baby gifts to make for friends and family members.  Must be something in the water (going now to grab a cup of coffee – HA!)


from my garden

A little note of encouragement for those who need it today….  Have faith, better still have The God kind of faith.  This faith believes, speaks, and acts.  You must first KNOW God’s words. 

  • Read it.
  • Study it.
  • Ponder.
  • Meditate.
  • Pray about it.
  • Talk about it. 

This is how you get God’s word into you mind and your heart.  Now believe God’s word.  Believe what God says in His word about you, your situation, your family, your circumstance.  Believe that God loves you, it is in His Word.  Believe that God has forgiven you when you’ve repented, that’s in His Word as well, believe that God has only GOOD in store for you. 

Believe God’s Word.  Trust God.  This is how your faith grows, now speak God’s word over your life, your family, your situation and your circumstance.  Speak God’s word to your problems, obstacles, hindrances, sickness, disease, lack, debt, poverty. Besides just speaking you also have to put some action/work behind those words.  Act what you know about the truth of God’s word to these situations and rejoice.  Nothing is impossible when you believe.  God has given you The measure of faith.  Use it, grow it, and take the limits off of your life.



Been a little quiet on this blog lately, though today I thought that I'd share some random thoughts/happenings…

Freddie's been sick lately, got a doctor's appointment this afternoon

I hate autism

Watching my little guy have a seizure scares me EVERY SINGLE TIME

I'm enjoying the warmer weather.

Flower garden in the front of the house is finished and looks fabulous.

Vegetable plants are ready to go in… 

Still deciding on a fence for the veggies

Finn (our service dog) likes to swing from our tree (he's funny)

Started exercising at home, not a habit yet, but it will be

With two animals shedding our vaccum cleaner is getting a workout

I pray that all of those girls are found safely and reunited with their families

Still knitting that chevron scarf

Want to paint our downstairs bathroom (not sure what color)

Wondering if anyone ever reads these posts

I made soap recently and I love how it turned out (may never buy soap again)

Found a new pie recipe that my family enjoys

Had to cancel our summer vacation to Smokey Mountains

I love watching my little guy sleep

Looking for a new "fun" book to read

Debating about entering a craft show this summer

What's new with you?

Light It Up Blue at Brookfield Zoo

My son was the FOX news (local station) last night.  Take a look.

Brookfield Zoo had an Autism Awareness Day yesterday that we attended.  Freddie just loves being at the zoo.  The weather was perfect,  here are some pictures of our fun-filled day.

As soon as we arrive we head to Freddie’s favorite place in the zoo, The Living Coast, as you can see he’s just getting ready to make a run for it


I think that he would stay here the whole day if we let him.  This is the only picture that came out clear.  Couldn’t use my flash in this exhibit (need to read up on the settings for next time).


On to the next stop.


Here we are at The Swamp, watching the ducks and the sea otters is another stop we have to make during every visit.



Our last stop of the day was at the Hamill Family Play Zoo, this is where we met a reporter from Fox News who interviewed us and we also met Pat Quinn our Governor.  It was an exciting day.





IMG_7075.1Have a great day everyone!  Enjoy your Sunday.